Team building day and The Alpine Champion Stakes 10th September 2021

After a long 18-months and an initial date cancellation due to covid restrictions regretfully returning to the UK… the Alpine team were finally reunited in a team away day event, followed by The Alpine Champion Stakes Race Night in the evening.

And what a fantastic day and night it was – a full company celebration after the majority of the team had been working remotely since September 2019, well deserved by all for their ongoing dedication and commitment to projects and clients during challenging times.

The purpose of the daytime sessions was to facilitate team building, assist integration and grow internal connections and networks for our new employees.

For our service engineers, we brought them back together to acknowledge their outstanding performance during Covid lockdown and an unswerving commitment to Customer Service!

During the evening, we held our very own Alpine Champion Stakes virtual racing night, which involved not only horses but dogs and pigs, yes pigs…!

We also had a gold rodeo cup which surprisingly tested everyone’s fitness, a cash grabber which caused a few questionable cash-grabbing tactics, and a donkey rodeo that no one could stay on for longer than 21 seconds.

Our event was such a relaxed yet enjoyable, fun and engaging experience, just one of the ways we like to thank the whole team for helping Alpine achieve our big ambitions!

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