Alpine Fire Engineers celebrates 30 years of engineering excellence!

This week, we have been thrilled to celebrate our 30th anniversary!

As a team, we are extremely proud of the successful business that has been built, the customers we serve, the suppliers who support us, and the development of the Alpine team.

We celebrated 3 decades of growth with a double whammy combining it with our ‘non-Christmas party, party’, after it was cancelled and the new date fell perfectly in line with our 30th birthday!

Our cake, of course, was designed to replicate a fire sprinkler system and we ensured none of our employees got lost by dressing the outside of the venue with a huge Alpine branded arch!

We definitely celebrated this fantastic milestone in style hosted superbly by The Fountain House team and we take this opportunity to thank them yet again.

Steven Nanda, CEO said:

from when Ted Smith started the journey in 1992

“It has been a challenging couple of years for everyone, nevertheless, it is amazing for us all to be together, everyone plays a vital role in the success we enjoy at Alpine which was initiated by Ted Smith back in 1992 and there’s more to come, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ride, you certainly deserve it!”