Technical Memo for Fire Suppression Systems – Winter Weather Alert

Freezing temperatures are with us again!

To avoid problems with your fire suppression system there are a few checks to minimise risks

Pump Room.

  • Are the heaters inside the pump room switched on?
  • Check thermostats are set correctly… the area should not drop below 4 degrees C
  • Have you noticed any leaks inside the pump room or excess water on the floor that may freeze and cause issues?
  • Is the power supply on to the tank immersion heater and trace heating units?, this can be checked in the pump room electrical distribution board

Valves Chambers.

  • Ensure heaters are operating correctly and thermostats are set correctly?
  • External pipe work – is the lagging and trace heating in good condition and switched on?
  • Are any drains on the system running water that could freeze over?
  • If there are ‘Dry pipe’ or ‘Alternate’ systems present, are they on air?


  • Is the lagging and trace heating on the pipework on the tank in good condition?
  • Check the power supply on for the trace heating unit.
  • Visually inspect around the tank for any signs of leaks.
  • At the top of the tank there is an overflow pipe, is this free from running water?

If, after completing any of the above you are concerned that your fire suppression system may be affected by the cold weather, please contact [email protected] for further assistance.