Celebrating Progress and Building Connections: Alpine Fire’s Unforgettable Company Update

Last Thursday, Alpine Fire gathered to share news, celebrate our success and recognise some exceptional members of our team. Over 120 employees from across the country were taken to a secret off-site location for an exciting day away from the usual routine. The event was also attended by stakeholders and investors, making it a truly inclusive gathering.

Our destination, Wellbeing Farm, was chosen not only for its proximity to Alpine House but also for its outstanding commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community engagement. The venue’s award-winning efforts aligned perfectly with Alpine Fire’s values and our recently launch Alpine Fire Campaign.

The day began with lunch on arrival under the Bolton sunshine, then our CEO, Steven Nanda, kicked off the event. Steven provided an overview of the day’s agenda and introduced an interactive tool. This allowed everyone to ask live questions, give feedback and offer suggestions for continuous improvement, ensuring that every voice could contribute to our future success. As a fun addition, Steven also requested predictions for the evening’s England football match and time of the first goal, sparking some friendly competition!

Our new CFO, Martin Hargreaves, took the stage next. He introduced himself to the team and shared insights into the company’s impressive financial performance to date and ambitions for the next 12 months. Steven then followed with an introduction to our strategic plans for the future. His presentation was both informative and inspiring, setting the tone for the rest of the day.

To keep the energy high, a fun break followed the post lunch presentations. The team enjoyed drinks and refreshments while meeting some charming new friends from the farm – two llamas dressed in Alpine-coloured bow ties! This delightful interlude provided a perfect opportunity for team members to mingle and relax.

Alpine’s investors, Westbridge, then shared their plans for supporting our growth. Their commitment to our vision reinforced our confidence in the exciting road ahead. Following this, several presentations focused on the integration of new IT systems designed to enhance collaboration and efficiency across departments.

A significant portion of the afternoon was dedicated to discussing our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments. Richard Bradley, our Commercial & Procurement Director took time to explore the meaning of this important acronym and Alpines own impact report and net zero commitment. Highlights included our exceptional employee engagement score of 96% and our campaign to reduce water loss in fire suppression system testing ,commissioning and vital ongoing checks. Mark Thewlis, our Operations Director updated the wider team on his invite to Chair a technical sub-committee for BAFSA on water conservation within the Fire suppression sector.  Mark also provided an update on the internal Alpine technical committee which is racing to offer a solution to re-purpose this water for our valued clients.

Louise Plant, our Business Development Director, also updated us on aspects of our Campaign – the Design Think Tank project developed in collaboration with the London School of Architecture and architectural practice ORMS, in addition to the progress on our investment in the Throng Moss Tarn dam restoration in partnership with the Lake District National Park.

Nicola Smith, our People Director, presented the ‘You Said – We Did’ initiative, showcasing the new and improved benefits package introduced for employees across all departments. Nicola highlighted our commitment to listening to our team and continuously improving the Alpine workplace.

The final section of the day’s presentations celebrated our incredible employees with the Employee Recognition Awards. The management team worked together and identified 35 nominees of note who had actively brought the Alpine Company Values to life in their day-to-day activities. FY24 winners across the Alpine seven company values were announced, with each receiving well-deserved accolades and prizes. This moment was an acknowledgment of the hard work and dedication shown by our team over the past year.

As the formalities concluded, Steven Nanda summarised the key action points from the day’s discussions. The celebrations continued with food, drinks, and outdoor entertainment, including live coverage of the England match. Although the football result wasn’t as we hoped, the evening was filled with laughter, and camaraderie. A live act, DJ and marshmallow toasting added to the fun atmosphere, allowing everyone to unwind and enjoy the long summer night.

This Company Update and Summer event was a testament to Alpine Fire’s vibrant and supportive culture. It was a day of recognition, celebration, and connection, laying a strong foundation for our future achievements. Thank you to everyone who made this day possible and to our team for your unwavering commitment and enthusiasm. Together, we are building a brighter future for Alpine Fire.