Alpine Employee Recognition Awards 2024

Alpine Fire Engineers 2024 Employee Award Winners

On Thursday, June 20th, Alpine hosted its summer conference at Wellbeing Farm, providing an offsite venue for all employees and stakeholders. The informative day culminated in a surprise Employee Recognition Awards ceremony, which was met with enthusiastic cheers as team members’ names were announced.

The awards were divided into seven categories, each representing one of Alpine’s core values. Alpine prides itself on strong company values that are embraced and lived by its teams. The management team collaborated to nominate members who exemplified these values, resulting in a total of five nominees for each category. All nominees received a prize, while the winners were each presented with a voucher and a trophy in recognition.

Alpine’s values are integral to its operations and act as guiding principles ensuring that all our team, whether head office or remotely based, are unified in their understanding of what makes Alpine a great company to work with and for.

Alpine’s 7 Core Values and Award Winners:

People Focused – Respect for people, their community, health & safety, and the development of our employees.

FY24 Winner: Donna Pritchard

Integrity – Integrity in what we do and the way we do it.

FY24 Winner: Derek Lowndes

Teamwork – Belief in teamwork and collaboration to support each other and our stakeholders.

FY24 Winner: Ellie Monaghan

Customer Service – Differentiating ourselves through our ongoing commitment to the customer experience.

FY24 Winner: Gemma Owens

Humility – Modesty, courtesy, and recognition of everyone’s value.

FY24 Winner: Mark Temple

Expertise – Sector expertise, professionalism, and commitment to quality.

FY24 Winner: Jamie Wong

Dedicated – Dedication and empowerment to make the right choice at the right time.

FY24 Winner: David Clegg

Alpine congratulates all the winners and nominees for their outstanding achievements over the past year. The success of this inaugural awards ceremony, which showcased the embodiment of Alpine’s values by its employees, has led to plans to make it an annual event.