Unit 1, Omega Park, Warrington is a highly Automated Distribution Centre commissioned for Gousto.


Alpine’s design engineers were tasked with designing a sprinkler system for Property Protection purposes, with protection provided to the High Level Warehouse Roof, Mezzanines, Offices, Canopies, Automated Storage Rack System/Pick Towers, and APR Pallet Racking.


Due to the unique design challenges presented by the Automated Storage Rack System/Pick Tower build process we worked very closely with the rack build contractor both during design co-ordination and the phased rack install. An engineered solution was devised in conjunction with the buildings insurer to deliver a tailor-made fire protection design that satisfied elements of both LPC and FM requirements.The presence of plastic totes within the building, required the installation of AFFF Fire Fighting Foam to enhance the sprinkler system for this type of risk. A late change to the minimum temperature requirements within large areas of the warehouse required the wet sprinkler system to be protected against freezing resulting in trace heat and lagging being installed to 1000’s of metres of pipe work and ancillaries, which Alpine Fire duly provided.

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