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Alpine Employee Recognition Awards 2024

On Thursday, June 20th, Alpine hosted its summer conference at Wellbeing Farm, providing an offsite venue for all employees and stakeholders. The informative day culminated in a surprise Employee Recognition Awards ceremony, which was met with enthusiastic cheers as team members’ names were announced. The awards were divided into seven categories, each representing one of […]
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Celebrating Progress and Building Connections: Alpine Fire’s Unforgettable Company Update

Last Thursday, Alpine Fire gathered to share news, celebrate our success and recognise some exceptional members of our team. Over 120 employees from across the country were taken to a secret off-site location for an exciting day away from the usual routine. The event was also attended by stakeholders and investors, making it a truly […]
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Celebrating Pete Lock’s 300th Platelet donation!

We are very proud to congratulate Pete Lock, our Service Operations Manager at Alpine, who has donated platelets more than 300 times, and we are encouraging other people to follow his example. Pete started donating blood around 10 years ago, however, after sadly suffering the loss of loved ones to cancer, he wanted to do […]
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Alpine Wanderers take part in charity football event One Stop Cup

On Saturday 2nd July, a few eager Alpine team members entered the One Stop Cup at AFC Darwen, arranged by One Stop Hire to raise funds for the Christie. It was a fantastic day, and the weather came out to help make the day a great success, it was inspiring to see all the teams […]
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Alpine Fire Engineers celebrates 30 years of engineering excellence!

This week, we have been thrilled to celebrate our 30th anniversary! As a team, we are extremely proud of the successful business that has been built, the customers we serve, the suppliers who support us, and the development of the Alpine team. We celebrated 3 decades of growth with a double whammy combining it with […]
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Team building day and The Alpine Champion Stakes 10th September 2021

After a long 18-months and an initial date cancellation due to covid restrictions regretfully returning to the UK… the Alpine team were finally reunited in a team away day event, followed by The Alpine Champion Stakes Race Night in the evening. And what a fantastic day and night it was – a full company celebration […]
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In sessions with Alpine – it’s good to talk!

The importance of supporting our team members will never be underestimated at Alpine – we recognise the value a ‘mind healthy’ team brings so we actively encourage a safe environment for open communication.These past 12 months have been challenging and, as a result, more people than ever may be worried about their mental wellbeing and […]