Accreditations and Associations

Foam Systems

These systems are used in specific applications and are highly specialised. Applications can range from a facility where the contents are considered high hazard e.g. the presence of plastic totes or where highly flammable products are being stored.
The sprinkler heads are open and the water/foam mix is released when the detection element reaches a set temperature. At low concentrations the foam changes the properties of water and at high concentrations it will produce an expanded foam. In high expansion systems special pourers can produce either a low level blanket of foam or entirely fill a compartment.

Accreditations and Associations
Rapid extinguishing
High hazard risk
Additional foam tests

Cost Engineering

Our experience has shown that a preferred outcome is achieved if scheme proposals are discussed with qualified professionals at the point of concept. Alpine regularly produces feasibility studies, specifications, layout drawings, budget costs and advice for clients during the early stages of planning.

Health & Safety

At the core of our reputation is our attention to health, safety and the environment. Alpine's dedicated SHE Manager works closely with our Quality & Procurement Manager ensuring a ‘fit for purpose’ supply chain. They then continue to oversee performance along with our safety trained project engineers and site supervisors looking for improvements on a continual basis.

Customer Service Excellence

Alpine's core competencies of integrity, teamwork and ‘right first time’ drive the customer experience for all our clients. Whether we are supporting you in the consideration of a sprinkler design or an emergency call out to an impaired system we continually strive to exceed expectations.


Alpine can provide specific sprinkler training and awareness courses for your employees, delivered at the site where they work, with programmes to suit your business and complement our planned maintenance products.

Simons Construction

A G Barr Magna Park, Milton Keynes

Design Engineering

Food production sites are often extremely complex with valuable stainless-steel plant, storage vessels and pipe runs throughout.
ALDI Direct

ALDI, Isle of Sheppey

Sales Estimating / Design Engineering

ALDI opens a store nearly every week in the UK. Alpine had recently completed the Cardiff project successfully and were swiftly awarded the sprinkler works for a new facility on the Isle of Sheppey.
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