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Gas Suppression

Gas suppression systems are typically installed where the risk of water damage to high value assets is as great as the risk of fire damage. The system uses chemically inactive gases and chemicals to control a fire. When activated the discharged agent reduces the oxygen levels to below 15% - removing one of the 3 elements a fire needs.
Gas suppression systems need additional planned maintenance measures to ensure operational efficacy.

Accreditations and Associations
Data rooms etc.
Planned integrity testing

Cost Engineering

Our experience has shown that a preferred outcome is achieved if scheme proposals are discussed with qualified professionals at the point of concept. Alpine regularly produces feasibility studies, specifications, layout drawings, budget costs and advice for clients during the early stages of planning.


Alpine will continually discuss specifications with insurance companies, coordinate with other services involved on the project and use the very latest CAD/BIM software and hydraulic calculation packages to ensure we deliver the most cost effective and best engineered solution.

Technical Support

As our LPCB Level 4 accreditation suggests our engineering team is experienced in handling systems of every size and complexity. Our 24 - hour UK wide emergency support is centered around unrivalled technical excellence, speed of response, flexibility and trust in all our relationships.

LPCB Level 4 Accreditation

As a Level 4 accredited company our consultation service ensures that you receive accurate, up to date and invaluable information at whatever stage of the process you require it. With regulatory reforms, various insurance requirements, numerous design standards and a constantly evolving service sector it is vital that your project is supported and commissioned by an accredited sprinkler company.

British Aerospace

BAE, Eurofighter Hangar

Design Engineering / Planned Maintenance

BAE commissioned an independent review to assess the ‘fit for purpose’ nature of the existing active fire suppression system protecting the highest insured building in their estate.
Buckingham Group

DHL Express, Heathrow

Design Engineering / Planned Maintenance

DHL planned to increase the Logistics Centre at Colnbrook with a new 150,000 square feet extension. The new hub would process millions of packages every year.
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