Accreditations and Associations

Wet Pipe Systems

A wet pipe system is made up of strategically positioned sprinkler heads, connecting pipework and a water source (typically pumps drawing from a local water tank). Sprinkler heads activate either by glycerin filled bulbs bursting or solder links melting in fire conditions allowing water to flow through the pressurised pipework. This allows the control valve to open delivering a mechanical and electrical alarm signal. Well maintained sprinkler systems can last up to 20 years before needing replacement.

Accreditations and Associations
Low installation & maintenance costs
Warehousing, storage and retail
Regular preventative regime

Health & Safety

At the core of our reputation is our attention to health, safety and the environment. Alpine's dedicated SHE Manager works closely with our Quality & Procurement Manager ensuring a ‘fit for purpose’ supply chain. They then continue to oversee performance along with our safety trained project engineers and site supervisors looking for improvements on a continual basis.


Alpine can provide specific sprinkler training and awareness courses for your employees, delivered at the site where they work, with programmes to suit your business and complement our planned maintenance products.

LPCB Level 4 Accreditation

As a Level 4 accredited company our consultation service ensures that you receive accurate, up to date and invaluable information at whatever stage of the process you require it. With regulatory reforms, various insurance requirements, numerous design standards and a constantly evolving service sector it is vital that your project is supported and commissioned by an accredited sprinkler company.

Cost Engineering

Our experience has shown that a preferred outcome is achieved if scheme proposals are discussed with qualified professionals at the point of concept. Alpine regularly produces feasibility studies, specifications, layout drawings, budget costs and advice for clients during the early stages of planning.

British Aerospace

BAE, Eurofighter Hangar

Design Engineering / Planned Maintenance

BAE commissioned an independent review to assess the ‘fit for purpose’ nature of the existing active fire suppression system protecting the highest insured building in their estate.
ALDI Direct

ALDI, Isle of Sheppey

Sales Estimating / Design Engineering

ALDI opens a store nearly every week in the UK. Alpine had recently completed the Cardiff project successfully and were swiftly awarded the sprinkler works for a new facility on the Isle of Sheppey.
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