Accreditations and Associations

Dry Pipe Systems

A dry pipe system is usually specified in areas susceptible to low temperatures where water might freeze in the pipework eg. Unheated buildings, car parks etc. When one or more of the automatic sprinkler heads is subjected to heat, it activates releasing the air in the pipework system. The resulting drop in pressure allows the water to flow and suppress the fire.

Accreditations and Associations
Low temperature resilience
Unheated facilities
Regular preventative regime

Customer Service Excellence

Alpine's core competencies of integrity, teamwork and ‘right first time’ drive the customer experience for all our clients. Whether we are supporting you in the consideration of a sprinkler design or an emergency call out to an impaired system we continually strive to exceed expectations.

FM Global

FM Global is a multi-insurance company based in the USA specialising in loss prevention services in the highly protected risk (HPR) property insurance sector. In addition to our LPCB Level 4 accreditation Alpine has extensive experience of working to these defined standards.

Health & Safety

At the core of our reputation is our attention to health, safety and the environment. Alpine's dedicated SHE Manager works closely with our Quality & Procurement Manager ensuring a ‘fit for purpose’ supply chain. They then continue to oversee performance along with our safety trained project engineers and site supervisors looking for improvements on a continual basis.

Service Support

Alpine holds the highest LPCB level 4 accreditation which allows us to self-certificate all categories of works without any supervision. We are audited to the quality systems ISO9001 scheme allowing us to provide assured quality of design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems.


Project Primrose, Winvic

Winvic is a multidisciplinary main contractor renowned for embracing the latest technologies in its builds.
Chalcroft Construction

Porsche, Reading

Design Engineering

The Porsche team were looking to work with a Sprinkler provider familiar with the challenges of the automotive sector and engaged with Alpine due to our previous project experience.
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Customer Service




Respect for People, their community, health and safety and the development of our employees

Integrity in what we do and the way we do it.

We believe in Teamwork and collaboration to support each other and our stakeholders

We differentiate ourselves by our ongoing commitment to the Customer Experience

Humility - We are modest, courteous and recognise the value in everyone.

Our sector Expertise, professionalism and commitment to quality.

We are Dedicated and empowered to make the right choice at the right time.
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