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Every year in the UK, four billion litres of clean water are wasted through weekly fire suppression system checks. These tests expel two litres of drinking water every second for approximately 30 minutes; this clean water goes down the drain instead of being captured, reused or recycled.

While these safety tests are critical, we believe that they can be undertaken without wasting vast amounts of clean water. We reject this accepted norm, and invite the entire industry and our customers to work with us to find a long-term solution that also protects our planet.

We are already taking steps to account for our own impact in the immediate term, and are engaging with the government to review legislation and build a long-term plan.

Watch our film to find out more about the campaign, and our partnership with the London School of Architecture and the Lake District National Park.

Litres lost annually through testing (UK estimate)
Litres lost through our serviced assets annually
Litres lost per minute during testing in the UK

Our Partners

The London School of Architecture​
A selection of students from the 2023/2024 Masters programme are designing a fire suppression system for the future. The dedicated module is led by award-winning architecture practice Orms and informed by workshops with our Operations team. The outputs of the module will form part of the materials that we will take to Parliament in early 2024.
Lake District National Park​
While we work on building solutions for the future, we are committed to offsetting the water lost through our customers’ weekly checks each year. We are sponsoring a multi-year programme of dam restoration in the Lake District, with the first rebuild commencing at Throng Moss Tarn in Spring 2024. This will not only capture water in this strategic reserve, but support the local wildlife for which the tarn is a critical haven.

Latest News

We are delighted to announce the official launch of our campaign in Westminster, London on 28 November 2023.

In partnership with the London School of Architecture and the Lake District National Park Authority we are working towards  a more planet-friendly future for our industry.


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